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To which doctor to address at case of symptoms of diseases of the nervous system.jpgWhat specialist treats disorders of the nervous system?

Specialists, who from different angles suitable for solving this problem, quite a lot: it’s neurologists, psychologists, psychotherapists, psychiatrists. In doing so they can also share at a narrow specialties. For example, among psychotherapists -. Psychoanalysts, Gestalt-therapists, etc. To which the doctor and in what case ask for help? Continue reading

The power of thought 11 tips on how to think correctlyEveryone is able to make his life happy by using the power of thought. Everyone man – a creator of his own world, and when used properly, your subconscious can perform any of its desire and achieve success in all endeavors. And you are also able to control the power of thought and create large and small miracles.

What is the power of thought, what damage and how to get rid of the bothersome thoughts, how to teach the thoughts to work. Continue reading

Development of logic - is important in lifeLogical thinking is based on the construction of the chain of sequences of arguments and events, which helps draw conclusions, make the right decisions. If a person has a well-developed logical thinking, he easy finds a way out of any situation. To develop this ability is best in early childhood but also in adulthood you can and should to train. Continue reading

Health Benefits of Reading BooksReading improves Memory

It has been found that reading improves memory and is a far better activity than any other leisure time activity like watching television or listening to the radio. When you are reading parts of the brain gets involved in vision, language, and associative learning. Reading spurts your brain to think and concentrate. It keeps the mind young which is why it is very often recommended for aged people. It also guards against mental illnesses like Alzheimer’s and Dementia in elderly people. Reading can help melt way stress and keep stress hormones like cortical in check.

Reading promotes empathy and concentration

Relating to the lives of the character helps you to understand other’s feelings and gives you the ability to deal with your problems. It may meet you to meet your goals in life as you relate to a character who had overcome many obstacles. Reading improves focus and concentration as well. In today’s times, we are so busy multi-tasking that we hardly focus or concentrate on any one thing for a long time. Reading helps us to focus and concentrate. Continue reading