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Hygiene of pregnant womenHygiene during pregnancy should have a special level of safety and take into account the increased sensitivity of mucous membranes. Strict adherence to the rules of hygiene during pregnancy should enter into your habit. Gynecologists have developed basic hygiene recommendations for expectant mothers. Pay attention to them: Continue reading

Nutrition rules in the third trimester of pregnancy

What happens in the third trimester? The growing uterus supports the stomach, and the hormone of pregnancy progesterone reduces the tone of smooth muscles, including the esophageal sphincter, making you suffer from heartburn. Another extremely unpleasant problem, topical for the second half of pregnancy, is gestosis. And many the manifestations of gestosis (it is characterized by increased blood pressure, impaired kidney function, the appearance of protein in the urine, swelling) are provoked by malnutrition and micronutrient deficiency. Continue reading

How to prepare for childbirth.jpg

Preparation for childbirth should be a thorough and timely. Responsible attitude to forthcoming maternity virtually guarantees quite tolerant on painful sensations contractions and the birth of a healthy baby with high Apgar score. Continue reading


Stretch marks, or striae – this is normal and perfectly predictable phenomenon in the period of gestation, however, it can be avoided. There are many ways which reduce the likelihood of their occurrence to a minimum. Continue reading

Pregnan10 major prohibitions during pregnancy.jpgcy for every woman – a very exciting and important period in life. It is not surprising that pregnant women become very spleeny: once there is a mass of experiences and questions, because now the expectant mother is responsible not only for themselves but also for her baby who is completely dependent on what makes a mother. Therefore it is useful to know what is really not to do during pregnancy, and what can be – in moderate amounts. Continue reading

The main problems during pregnancy and how to deal with them.jpgPregnancy – a very exciting and pleasant state of women. This condition makes every woman truly beautiful. But during pregnancy the expectant mother is faced with a variety of indispositions. It’s a body’s hormonal changes. Some of the health problems arise in certain trimesters, but others may continue for all nine months. With all indispositions can and must be fought. Continue reading

Proper nutrition for conception and pregnancy.jpgPreparing for pregnancy – one of the most important and crucial moments in the life of your unborn baby. From how will pass these weeks or months affects the health the baby and throughout pregnancy. Not last place is the diet when planning pregnancy, because the responsibility for the life of your baby starts with your own nutrion. Continue reading