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The main reason of weight is in your head.jpg

The fight against excess weight goes on all fronts, and humanity in this unequal battle loses. Because it struggles wrong. And if you look – to struggle at all it is not necessary.Why? Let’s figure it out. Continue reading

how-to-know-yourselfAdult man sooner or later think about how to know himself and about the meaning of life. More often people think about knowledge yourself, search of inner peace and harmony when their it something is not satisfied in lives, persecutes a series of negative events and problems, stress and depression.
As soon as you establish contacts with them, in front of you will open many life’s truths, because the knowledge of life and the outside world goes through the knowledge of oneself as a person. Continue reading

To which doctor to address at case of symptoms of diseases of the nervous system.jpgWhat specialist treats disorders of the nervous system?

Specialists, who from different angles suitable for solving this problem, quite a lot: it’s neurologists, psychologists, psychotherapists, psychiatrists. In doing so they can also share at a narrow specialties. For example, among psychotherapists -. Psychoanalysts, Gestalt-therapists, etc. To which the doctor and in what case ask for help? Continue reading

Art therapy - the key to happiness.jpg

Art therapy – is one of the psychotherapeutic techniques used for the diagnosis and correction of neuropsychiatric disorders. Additionally, art therapy – it is also a way to express personality.

At its core is a search of the output of human needs, in creativity, working with color and form. Continue reading

15 ways to bring order to the head.pngSometimes it happens when one fine day you realize that in your head a mess, and clean up the mess is not very easy. And this is not surprising, considering all the information and all the things that are deposited in our head. If you have the feeling that your head’s about to explode from the glut of information and ideas, then this article is for you. Take a few minutes of time and try to put things in order in your head. Continue reading

Positive thoughts despite everything.png

What is it – positive thinking? It is the ability of the mind to operate with positive thoughts. This is good and attentive attitude to himself and to the world around. When you think about the good. Continue reading

10 best sayings Osho.jpgRebel, an atheist, an ambiguous personality, man-scandal – these characteristics Osho during his lifetime. But even now, many years later, he did not ceases to be the object of attention, imitation, admiration and resentment.

All you need to do – is to abandon the stereotypes of society, restrictions and norms imposed on us from outside. All you need to do – is to listen to your inner voice, your desires, and every day be closer to the truth. To get happiness – just see what’s around you, just live here and now.

Perceive the world as a fascinating game, laugh, watch, learn all through personal experience, be always open and answer the impulses of his heart and soul.
About this read quotes of Osho. They will open you the world. Continue reading

Victims of Domestic ViolenceAs it is sad, be near seemingly with the most close people sometimes is unsafe. Domestic violence can happen to anyone, female or male, young or old, single or married, regardless of race, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, or income level.  In this article about what to do if you are a victim of domestic violence. Continue reading

To Be confident in your own appearance, and professional abilities – very valuable quality to neglect its. Unfortunately, often to become self-confident can be very difficult. To raise self-esteem, you can use the advice of experts in this field – psychologists.

How to be confident Continue reading

antidepressantsHow the antidepressants work

Most antidepressants alter the balance of chemicals in the brain, called “neurotransmitters.” Lack neurotransmitters can cause a variety of disorders, such as depression. Antidepressants do neurotransmitters more available to the brain cells. Antidepressants do not work straight away – usually must pass from two to four weeks before they start work.

Continue reading