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Pleurisy lungLung Pleurisy – an inflammation of the pleura, which usually begins to develop as a complication of a disease: heart attack, gangrene, abscess, pneumonia, tuberculosis, etc. A common cause of inflammation is hypothermia. Less frequently pleural effusion occurs in damage and injury of the chest, rheumatism, diseases of the abdominal cavity. Continue reading

Emphysema of lungs.jpgEmphysema of lungs – a swelling of the lungs due to excessive content of the air. At the alveoli of lungs occurs the vital gas exchange (oxygen and carbon dioxide). Emphysema of lungs – irreversible lung damage, ie complete cure emphysema impossible.  Distresses of functions alveoli leads to an increase in load on the healthy parts of the lungs and heart, resulting in there is a shortness of breath. Continue reading