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How to use herbal medicine

How to use herbal medicine.jpgPhytotherapy (herbal medicine) – a method of treatment of diseases, based on the use of medicinal properties of plants and drugs from them.

Features of Phytotherapy

For long centuries, people have used a plants to maintain the health, evidenced by historical monuments. Ancient healers and witch doctors knew that the environment – is a source of health, and if used properly, herbs can cure many ailments. For the preparation of pharmaceuticals been used grass, young leaves, needles of coniferous trees, subsequently subjected to careful processing, and then has been used as a medicine. Continue reading

Comprehensive development of the child – how to implement it?

Comprehensive development of the child.jpgComprehensive development of the child – one of the main demands of the current society and the needs of the new generation. But the development of the child is not so and easy process. Psychologists, teachers for the success of its implementation recommend to pay attention to a few basic items: Continue reading

Art therapy – the key to happiness

Art therapy - the key to happiness.jpg

Art therapy – is one of the psychotherapeutic techniques used for the diagnosis and correction of neuropsychiatric disorders. Additionally, art therapy – it is also a way to express personality.

At its core is a search of the output of human needs, in creativity, working with color and form. Continue reading

How to prepare for childbirth

How to prepare for childbirth.jpg

Preparation for childbirth should be a thorough and timely. Responsible attitude to forthcoming maternity virtually guarantees quite tolerant on painful sensations contractions and the birth of a healthy baby with high Apgar score. Continue reading

Computer addiction in a child

computer-addiction-in-a-childComputer games, online-chat rooms and forums are becoming increasingly accessible to pre-school children and adolescents. Children spend hours on social networks, communicating with each other, and forgetting about the walks in the fresh air and other ways of pastime. And, unfortunately, not everyone can stop in time. There are those for whom the computer becomes a new reality and a serious problem at the same time. Continue reading

How to avoid stretch marks during pregnancy: useful tips


Stretch marks, or striae – this is normal and perfectly predictable phenomenon in the period of gestation, however, it can be avoided. There are many ways which reduce the likelihood of their occurrence to a minimum. Continue reading

How to properly care for a hair?

healthy hair.jpgWell-groomed and healthy hair are essential for the attractiveness of any woman. Some ladies have gorgeous hair by nature, but primarily it is the result of constant, proper hair care. Do not forget: to take care of your hair need daily. Continue reading