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Adenoids, also known as pharyngeal tonsil, or nasopharyngeal tonsil are located at the back oAdenoides a child and your health.jpgf the throat. Adenoids protect the body from harmful bacteria and viruses and form part of the immune system of babies and children 3 and 5 age and rarely during adolescence. They will have disappeared completely by the time a person has become an adult. Continue reading

How to improve hearingHearing problems today are encountered often. They can be both in the elderly, and children and young boys and girls. The reasons why this is happening – a lot.

Causes of hearing loss

  • Incorrect use potent drugs;
  • Frequent stay in places with high noise levels (discoclubs, construction sites, industrial buildings, shooting ranges);
  • Infectious diseases, eg otitis, tinnitus;
  • Birth defects or diseases transmitted genetically;
  • Head trauma or ear;
  • Age-related changes.

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