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Monthly Archives: October 2015

back painDo you suffer from back pain or neck pain?

At Texas Orthopedics in Austin, Dr. Kenneth Bunch specializes in diagnosing back and neck pain and helping patients manage their pain so they can return to their everyday activities. Dr. Bunch provides comprehensive non-surgical care, offering a variety of back pain treatments to help improve spine alignment, reduce pressure and pain, and guard against further injuries. Continue reading

Morning gymnasticsDo you want to feel good, easy to wake up in the morning to lose weight? In all of this will help you daily morning exercise. A little bit of your time and you will see that this is a very effective way to achieve the set goals. It does not matter how much time you’ll spend on exercises, five minutes or twenty-five. Already by the end of the week training you will feel the effect. Continue reading

Useful foodWe – what we eat” – this statement causes a lot of controversy, it has many interpretations, opponents and supporters. One thing is undeniable: precisely from the food we get all the substances necessary for life: proteins, fats and carbohydrates, macro- and micronutrients, vitamins and minerals. Of course, it is theoretically possible to compensate the lack with an artificial complexes, but their efficiency is much lower. Therefore, to preserve the health and beauty for years to come, it is necessary to make the foundation of your diet the most useful foods. Continue reading

Lyme diseaseThe CDC reports that more and more counties inthe United States are becoming areas with a high incidence of Lymedisease. The CDC states that “Over time, the number of counties in the northeastern states identified as having high incidence of Lyme disease increased by more than 320%.” In the north-central states the number of counties having a high incidence increased by about 250% from 1993 to 2012. Continue reading

What is this “thinking outside the box“?

Thinking outside the boxIn principle is the property and the quality of the person, with which he can realize yourself. “How?” – You may ask. Quite simply, thinking outside the box, along with the strength of will and ability to achieve its objectives – is the greatest weapon of man, which only can he have.

The ability to think creatively, the ability from the most common life situations to find ways that are also attract to the attention of others with their originality – all these components. Continue reading

CranberriesMany of us know what harm the health bring free radicals. And cranberries useful in that it has a unique antioxidant that can protect our body from their effects. Cold and wet weather – a favorable period in the development of infections and colds.

In this period, our body needs a potassium and vitamin C, and they abound in cranberries. Scientific studies have shown the beneficial effects of the beneficial properties of cranberry on women’s health. As a result of experiments, it was proved that cranberry juice reduces almost twice possibility acute cystitis. Continue reading