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Monthly Archives: February 2017

how-to-know-yourselfAdult man sooner or later think about how to know himself and about the meaning of life. More often people think about knowledge yourself, search of inner peace and harmony when their it something is not satisfied in lives, persecutes a series of negative events and problems, stress and depression.
As soon as you establish contacts with them, in front of you will open many life’s truths, because the knowledge of life and the outside world goes through the knowledge of oneself as a person. Continue reading

edema-causes-and-treatmentIn the evening your favorite shoes are too tight, swollen feet? With barely open your eyes in the morning, the face swells?
Edema – so called accumulation of fluid in the intercellular space. And the causes of edema can be mass. Consider the main causesĀ  of edema and their treatment: Continue reading

To which doctor to address at case of symptoms of diseases of the nervous system.jpgWhat specialist treats disorders of the nervous system?

Specialists, who from different angles suitable for solving this problem, quite a lot: it’s neurologists, psychologists, psychotherapists, psychiatrists. In doing so they can also share at a narrow specialties. For example, among psychotherapists -. Psychoanalysts, Gestalt-therapists, etc. To which the doctor and in what case ask for help? Continue reading

How to use herbal medicine.jpgPhytotherapy (herbal medicine) – a method of treatment of diseases, based on the use of medicinal properties of plants and drugs from them.

Features of Phytotherapy

For long centuries, people have used a plants to maintain the health, evidenced by historical monuments. Ancient healers and witch doctors knew that the environment – is a source of health, and if used properly, herbs can cure many ailments. For the preparation of pharmaceuticals been used grass, young leaves, needles of coniferous trees, subsequently subjected to careful processing, and then has been used as a medicine. Continue reading